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  • Oct. quote:

    Hi, my sister works for Buena Vista entertainment and music for Hollywood records and as a fan of Hilary Duff and seeing the trailer for her movie Material Girls i wanted to know what the song was called which had the music of PLAY WITH FIRE but the lyrics IM HAPPY AND I CAN THANK MYSELF. My sister sent me the below page of the HAPPY SONG and Lyrics.

    She also said that the song was recorded in JANUARY 06, and when Hollywood decided on a new album release for Hilary and Material Girls Movie was releasing they decided that the song Happy would be a good choice. Also at that time the Material Girls movie was only listed at 1500 screens and the track Hilary and Haylie recorded 'Material Girls' was cancelled as a single and video release and so was the Material Girls soundtrack as there was not enough promo and publicity and scope for the single and soundtrack to sell. This was a good idea as the movie didn't do great at the box office even if the single managed to perform well in the chart.

    Right after that HAPPY was put forward as a single choice but at a Hollywood records meeting the song seemed too young for Hilary and the label wanted to explore a new sound especially after the success of WAKE UP which was more rocky. My sister said she CANNOT send the HAPPY song at all [even tho i begged her a million times] but did say it was very catchy.

    While in LA the HAPPY songs music was changed slightly and made a little more rocky and tech-no but the lyrics were still the original. By August the track had been re written and marked as a final to make the album cut along with a song called IT CANT RAIN ALL THE TIME. Hilary recorded a demo of Play With Fire at the start of August the label loved the track and decided it would be the brand new single and video even though the song was not complete. Hilary left LA to promote Material Girls and the Play with fire promotion and video was organized to be shot in Canada. The song was officially completed the night before the video shoot, but was changed even a little more the night before the TRL Premier.

    IT CANT RAIN ALL THE TIME is a slow song nothing like Hilary has done before nothing like Come Clean or Where Did I Go Right it. Its a slow song with great music.

    My sister did say that even though Hilary Duff has stated on numerous times the album is not even half done, 16 tracks have been completed. However Hilary Duff wants to record more so she has a bigger choice for the 2nd video and single and what makes the album. Also this is the final album with HOLLYWOOD RECORDS AND BEUNA VISTA so Hilary has completed her contract its important that the final album does well and shows more maturity.

    Tracks which have been recorded are:

    HAPPY [entire new production with new edited lyrics]
    INNER STRENGTH [from Metamorphosis but a whole song with new music]

    [Note that not all of these songs are guaranteed to appear on the final album cut]

    The track HAPPY you hear in the Material Girls movie will be released as a bonus on a repackaged edition of the album in 2007. Its is likely that the Happy song will be leaked on internet sites by the end of November.

  • Hilary goes to Area night club in Beverly Hills- Oct.5

  • Hilary's first expected album launch was supposed to be November 21st, and then was later pushed to December 5th. Now her album has been pushed back again until February 2007 so that she can concentrate soley on her new movie 'War Inc.' with John Cusack.

    Source: MTV News

  • According to Standart News Hilary is set to be in a new action thriller titled "war inc." In which she acts along side co-star John Cusack where they play opposites. This will be shown at the Boyana Film Studios in 2007. Other stars taking part - Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.
  • Play With Fire is now on AOL Music. Play the video on the link to win Hilary a vote!

  • Aol Music has released Hilary's New C.D. Title confirming its name to be "4ever Hilary".

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